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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Travel Suriname

Information Surinam: Suriname is a country in South America where 480,000 people live. The neighboring countries are Guyana, Brazil and French Guiana. Republic of the coastline along the Atlantic Ocean. Mountains of Suriname is situated on the southern part of Suriname. North of the mountains are low and savanna-like undulating terrain. North of the swamp and mangrove swamps. The largest part of Suriname is covered by forests of the Amazon rainforest. Tropical rain forest environment with facilities in the capital of 245,000 people live. Attractions, including St. Peter and Paul Cathedral, Fort Zeelandia, West Palm, and Suriname, the museum is a historic city in the World Heritage List of UNESCO. As with the Central Suriname Nature Park. What other important Albina, Brokopondo, Groningen, Lely Resort, New Amsterdam, New Nickerie, unexpectedly, and Totnes attractions other Brownsberg Park, Cola Creek, Butterfly Farm, the Galibi area. Reserves, Jungle Lodge Awarradam, mountain and garden area Kumalu pineapple in Marienburg.

Paramaribo City

The marvelous Cathedral of Peter and Paul (built entirely of wood) in Paramaribo, Surinam, February 2011

the St. Peter and Paul Cathedral in Suriname

Fort Zeelandia

the Surinamese museum

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